How do I download BD Agent for Offline Installer

Recently lost my C: due to a major virus and need to re-install offline after I do a clean Windows 10 install. I have downloaded the Total Security installer but was told I need an BD Agent file as well. I went to BD Central but could not find any BD Agent for downloading. I'm using BD Total Security 2022.


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  • Thanks Flexx for all the uninstall/re-install info. Much appreciated. However, my intent is to get Bitdefender Total Security installed offline before I connect to the internet so there is more than just the Windows security in place when I am exposed to the internet. I am suspicious that there are hackers trying to get through my defenses while I am re-installing Windows and hoping Bitdefender can provide more protection at this critical period. I plan to clean install Windows 10 but not activate and then install Bitdefender Total Security with my current license and then connect to the internet to activate Windows and sync up my Bitdefender account. Will this be possible with Bitdefender Total Security?


  • Windows 11 Pro is up and running and Bitdefender TS is running clean with both RE Scans and Full Scans. Thanks for all your help.


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