Why does SMS scam not stay activated


Running Android 13 and Bitdefender

I try to activate Scam and it shows it is working. Go back to close Bitdefender and it says Scam alert needs activating. Bitdefender is active in Notifications.

Any ideas please?


  • Gjoksi


    My specs: Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, Android 13, One UI Core 5.1, Google Play System Update October 1, 2023, Android Security Patch Level August 1, 2023, BD Mobile Security

    So far, no problems with the Scam Alert feature, the feature is always ON.

    You could try uninstalling/reinstalling the app:

    and see if that will solve the issue.

    If that doesn't help, you should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

    Chat is the fastest way to get in touch with Bitdefender Consumer Support.

    Select: How to's & Troubleshooting Bitdefender products -> Troubleshooting -> Bitdefender Mobile Security, click on Contact Support in the black box and then click on Chat 24/7.

    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!


  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hi @cunnind,

    This could be an UI issue, because there's no reason for Scam Alert to be disabled when the Bitdefender app is closed..

    Make sure you have granted the required permissions for the Bitdefender Mobile Security app to access the SMS messages and the notification system.

    If the issue persists, head to the link below to contact the Support teams for further assistance:


    Choose from the available contact channels, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach them.

    Let us know how it goes.



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  • I have the same issue. No matter how many times I click active the banner remains.

    I also have the same issue mentioned in the other thread where I wake up to a message saying I must manually scan my new download each morning.

  • Hello,

    To everyone encountering this, kindly be advised the developers have opened an internal investigation.

    Please stand by for updates.



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  • Hello everyone :)

    I'm also affected by the very same problem other users have mentioned above; incorrect recommendations concerning the status of the Scam Alert feature coming from "Autopilot Recommendations".

    I really just wanted to chime in to demonstrate that it has apparently become a more common issue users face at the moment.

    Thanks to @cunnind and @aglaza for creating the thread and/or generally contributing; I might not have reported this erroneous Bitdefender behaviour on my own if there hadn't existed any thread to comment on the matter in the first place ^-^

    Best regards,

    Christian Simon

  • Same after last Bit Def. update on Android 13. I have uninstalled, Reinstalled Logged in & Out.

  • After the first comment I did a re install. Seemed to fix it but it returned after a few days. Now I switch on and it is ok for a few days then switches off.

    Is there a link to follow the developers investigation?



  • Gjoksi



    There is no link to follow the developers investigation.

    Only @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD (they both work for Bitdefender) can contact the developers and hear from them on the issue.

    So, please wait for their resposne.


  • I'm fairly certain that @Alexandru_BD is right with his assumption/assessment; it's most likely just an UI error and Scam Alert works perfectly fine in the background the whole time :) Only "Autopilot Recommendations" indicates a false status while the Scam Alert tab presents it as enabled without a flaw.

    Best regards,

    Christian Simon

  • Hello everyone (again) :)

    I can report that "Autopilot Recommendations" has only shown me the usual App Lock recommendation but not the one for Scam Alert in the past week (at least on my end) so I guess the aforementioned issue with the latter might have been resolved as of now?

    Best regards,

    Christian Simon

  • Good day everyone,

    I hope this does help as I may have found a fix as I had the same issue with 3 of my family's devices which were Samsung S20, Note 20 and A51 all running android 13 where the scam alert and chat protection does turn off automatically after 3 days by itself, upon getting to Bitdefender's support and they provided me with the https://dontkillmyapp.com (click the samsung tab), below is what I did and so far after 2 weeks now monitoring, the scam alert as well as the chat protection is working as intended to be. Below is the feedback that I gave back to the Bitdefender Support Team.

    How I managed to get it running:

    Upon checking the Bitdefender Security Application in the battery care and also memory, I noticed 2 of the devices didn't have the Bitdefender app listed in it out of the 3 devices. After testing the device which had the Bitdefender app on the option to exclude it from the battery and memory auto shutdown, I noticed that one device didn't turn off automatically after a week of monitoring whereas the other 2 did shut off after 3 days. So the next course of action for the 2 other Samsung devices was to uninstall it from the google play store as well as to remove it from bitdefender central as well. After that I reinstalled the app and before signing into the app to add the license to it, I went back to the battery and memory option to exclude it and I now have found the bitdefender app to be there and excluded it from both memory and battery auto shutdown and only after that I signed into the application to link the license and after once in the app, the permission needed to be given to the app for the spam monitor, notification monitor, scan etc, I have given and turned on the stated permission. After a few days later I have seen all 3 Samsung devices running as expected without the Bitdefender app being auto shutdown. 

    I would like to inform you regarding this issue as well that the Samsung users will have to reinstall the app if they don't see the Bitdefender Application app in the battery and memory exclude option even tho that in other places like apps, storage and permissions the Bitdefender app is already excluded, but if they don't see it in the memory and battery option, the phone will still auto shutdown the application. Only way for the fix is in paragraph 2.

    I do hope this data does help everyone at least who this issue as so far its day 17 from when I managed to fix it until the time of writing of this post.

    Best Regards,


  • Hello @Flanksy and thanks for sharing your findings with us! 👌

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  • Hi @Alexandru_BD you're welcome ☺️

  • I think Bitdefender have fixed this with one of the many updates. Nearly two weeks and it's stayed working all the time.

  • On my RealMe 8 smartphone the "App Anomaly Detection" feature keeps turning off every time the smartphone is turned off and on again. Even with the latest update yesterday November 14th the problem still persists.

    However, the issue is under analysis and should be resolved shortly by the Bitdefender team.

    Nunzio ·

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