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Bitdefender permanently broke my System Restore feature how to fix?


So normally bitdefender blocks you from using system restore, so you need to uninstall it when you want to goto a previous restore point

However I did a system restore twice, and the first time it restored old bitdefender files, and those bitdefender files blocked me from restoring the 2nd time (to a different restore point)

i entirely have removed everything i could of bitdefender, however when i try to do a system restore, i get an error saying an anti-virus is blocking my restore, and i think bitdefender did not properly remove itself from my computer, also on top of that Bitdefender won't reinstall on my computer when I try to reinstall it, it just puts on the "Bitdefender Agent" and that's it and then glitches out of the install

can the developers make a proper uninstall tool that removes ever trace of bitdefender, because my computer is now permanently stuck with this (in the meantime i installed malware bytes as a temporary antivirus until i can get this fixed)