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Bitdefender Total Security-Turn off "Device Scan"


I have several flash drives, SSD and HDD external drives attached to my system. These are "permanent" drives i.e. the ports are not used for plugging in unknown or other drives of any sort.

Since the most recent update, BD has taken to scanning all these devices as being "New" at startup. I have been to Antivirus>Settings> and disabled "Scan Flash Drives". However, it seems that this setting isn't kept, and reverts to "Autoscan".

This places a burden on the system, and I would like the Disabled setting to stay, rather than reverting on its own.

Advice, please.


  • editorsean

    I have same problem since the recent update to build, even with the Bitdefender free version.

    I set "Scan Flash Drives" to disabled multiple times since this update and it keeps reverting to AutoScan at Windows starts up.

    This is a right pain as I have about 600GB on pCloud which Bitdefender treats as a flash drive. The AutoScan causes massive data usage on my 4G connection if I happen to be away from my PC when it starts its AutoScan.

    Bitdefender also ignores the exceptions, i.e. I've P:\ in the exceptions for On-access scan, On-demand and Embedded scripts and the very first thing the Autoscan does is scan the P:\ drive. 😕

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] ✭✭✭✭✭

    This bug is under investigation. Please see this topic.

    Have a great day.



  • Foxfan100

    Any news on when this is going to be fixed?

    At the moment, to avoid this, I have to offline all my flash drives (which I do anyway after shutdown). At startup I have SyncBackPro also run and this starts up my days periodic backups of data to external HDD and SSD and flash drives. To get over this really irritating problem in BD, I have to increase the wait time for SyncBack after startup, rush off to BD, bring up the AV> Settings screen and turn Autoscan to Disabled.

    I can then turn on my flash and other drives. This is not what I want to have to remember to do every morning.

  • Nunzio77
    Nunzio77 Defender of the month mod

    This should be fixed and will be available with the next update.

    However, I will leave the word for any details to @camarie

    Nunzio ·

    Bitdefender Plus, Windows 10 Pro-32 Bit, CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 Gb - Bitdefender Mobile Security