Firewall Is Disabled



  • I have the exact same problem i bought total security 2010 and i get the same message. I would really appreciate help to this problem.



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    I would also appreciate the instructions.

    Also, they should be posted, regardless of how complicated they are, seeing as how so many people are having this problem. It's a shame, I had nothing but praise for BitDefender before I had to deal with this.



  • Hello nima and Rodthefierce,

    The BitDefender Firewall reinstallation procedure can be found here . Let us know if the same issue occurs after you follow those steps .

    Thank you.


    At first i should thank you for your attention, but unfortunately after doing this 3 steps my firewalls didn't work and never active again.

    my firewall has been inactive since i change the name of specific system file "C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Firewall\bdftdif.sys" which cause many many memory faults for my system, i have changed it's name to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Firewall\bdftdif.sys.tmp" as an instruction in this forum for solving memory dump by Bitdefender Total Security 2010.

    System Info:

    OS: Windows XP SP3

    Software: Bitdefender Total Security 2010

    Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.0.15

    MainBoard: Asus P5W DH Deluxe

    Can you help me to solve my terrible problem?!


  • Hello nima, heeb14 and apsco25,

    heeb14 and apsco25 :The BitDefender Firewall reinstallation procedure can be found here . Let us know if the same issue occurs after you follow those steps .

    nima: We need to further investigate the situation. Please follow the steps described in the e-mail we have sent you.

    Thank you!

  • hi

    could i get the instructions too please.

    thank you

  • Hello nima, heeb14 and apsco25,

    heeb14 and apsco25 :The BitDefender Firewall reinstallation procedure can be found here . Let us know if the same issue occurs after you follow those steps .

    nima: We need to further investigate the situation. Please follow the steps described in the e-mail we have sent you.

    Thank you!

    Hello Aurelian

    I ran Bitdefender Support Tool, but unfortunatley it never finished it's work and freeze in the middle of performance.

    Can you tel me usually how much is it take to perform?!




  • Hi

    Same problem, without changing OS: I'm on Windows XP for years, my BDIS 2010 works fine until 11 january... right now the firewall can't start, with the same error message

    I tried a lot of solutions:

    -reinstall BD from original setup (no disc, I downloaded it)

    -uninstall with original setup, with utility found on this website, properly by looking all files and directories, then install it with original setup

    -using the two patches that uninstall the Firewall and reinstall it

    -making the .cmd files, it causes me big problems (I had to reinstall my Ethernet controller and reactivate my Windows -___- )

    No change :'(

    I'm really busy, using BD for 4 years I never had such a problem...

    Hope technicians will found a magic solution ! If possible not by mail but directly here, why the other user's could not see it ?

  • Can someone email me the solution too please. I'm currently running WinXP.

  • Hi

    I have the same problems on my computer. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a copy of that procedure to re-enable the BitDefender firewall.

    Many Thanks


  • My firewall has also started to disable automatically, even after I got it working again it still fails at least once a day!

    Software that wont protect you is useless, can support please Email me a fix plz.

    If I cant fix it then Ill just ave to dump BD which wil be a shame as Its not let me down before.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I have just installed bit defender security suite 2010 however the firewall is currently disabled. The error message is firewall cannot be enabled. Please send direction.

  • Hello Lucifuge, Mizan, JeanneBear and philipboreham,

    @ Lucifuge: Try repairing BitDefender and everything should be ok after this process. In order to perform a BitDefender repair, please click on Start from Windows , choose All Programs and then choose BitDefender 2010 . Select Repair or Remove , choose Next when the new window will appear and then choose Repair. Reboot your computer when prompted and proceed with the repair process of BitDefender.

    Please let us know if you still have the same issues after the repair process.

    @ Mizan, JeanneBear and philipboreham:

    Since the instructions described in this article had not effect, we will need to further investigate this sittuation. We recommend you to reply to the email that we have sent you with the diagnose reports that we need to look on.

    We are looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

    The option to Repair was greyed out and could not be selected even after a reboot. Trying the solution posted before to uninstall the firewall using the Uninstall_FW_All.exe file did not work as it indicated that the file location could not be found. It still rebooted the computer with no help.

    I will try to reinstall Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit computer and see if a fresh install helps.

    With as many people that are experiencing this problem, a solution should be posted in the forums rather than telling people to post a reply for an emailed solution that is NOT provided. Better yet, please patch the program to fix this problem as it is a significant problem lowering the effective protection provided by your product.

  • Hello. I downloaded Bitdefender TS 2010 and I'm currently evaluating with 30 day subscription. I too encountered the "failed to communicate with bitdefender security service" message. I would very much appreciate it if support team can email me the instructions as to how i may enable the Firewall. I uninstalled my other internet security "ZoneAlarm" to try Bitdefender because i read its the best. Please anyone who can provide any help--please do. I'm currently without protection other than windows. Thanks and i hope someone replies .

  • He think that my fiend having the same problem.

    When he try to activate Bitdefender it shows the error - no intenet connection.

    ("Failed to communicate with the Bitdefender Security service")

    When firewall is disabled I have access to Internet.

    Then he try to install BDIS 2009 but still the same - no internet connection when firewall is working.

    We don't change any firewall settings.

    Maybe it's because new Internet Explorer ?(ver.7)

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    I installed BDTS 2010 today on my pc.

    But firewall is disabled and while trying to enable it shows the error:

    'Failed to communicate with the BitDefender Security service!'

    Also it shows:

    Computer IPs: no networks detected

    Gateways: no gateways set

    I had no firewall problems with BDTS 2009 a day ago !!

    Hi Alex,

    I am experiencing an identical problem. Could you please send me the procedures? I am having total secyrity installed on sesktop with Windows 7 (32 bit)

    Thank you.

  • @all

    Do you have ever read all the pages of this topic ? A lot of solutions are described, a few of them seems to work with lucky guys, but for me and a lot of other customers, the problem is there yet...

    It arrives when Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7 change or on Windows XP/Vista/7 stable OS,

    with updates or not,

    with patch fixes or not,

    with version 6 and 7 of IE (I tried the two ones),

    with a complete Windows XP SP3 Auto Update (for me),

    trying a system Restore that has failed (no change detected),

    with ou without the Windows Firewall activated during BD setup,

    idem with or without connection to Internet...

    I have no more idea...

    Really, can some BD guy come and take care of us ? <_<

  • Please do send me the instructions too.

    Windows 7 U

    Bitdefender Total Security 2k10

    I also noticed that Im missing the hosts file, I am pretty certain there was one as listed in the System Info Tab a few days ago

    Im hardly even halfway through the trial duration when this happened, and Im seriously not going to consider a security software package that seems to fail internally and open up my system to unwanted guests.

  • Hi, yesterday I bought BD 2010 (a very satisfied customer with version 2009 - license for 3 PCs), internet security, and I have the problem described above. when I enable the firewall, I lose connection to the Internet. where do I disable it, the connection is restored. Please for help in solving this problem. OS Win 7 Ultimate BD Internet Security 2010th Thank you.

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    Kindly send to me a procedures of how to enabled firewall for my Bit Defender Total Security 2010 as soon as possible

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    Hello all,

    Regarding the firewall issue, please be informed there are many situations which could lead to this:

    1. First of all, the most common situation is when you change your operating system (let's say from Windows Vista to Windows 7) or

    when you make an important modification related to BitDefender. Here we have the situations where you make a Repair (which may not work), when you do a System Restore (which could affect BitDefender), or when the installation is not complete, whether because the installation kit is corrupted or simply because you have used a CD with a BitDefender version which doesn't have all the latest updates.

    Therefore, in these cases, please follow this link in order to remove BitDefender (do not forget to use also the removal tool from step 2), and then try to reinstall it from our website.

    2. In case the solution above did not work, please follow these steps in order to reinstall just the BitDefender Firewall drivers.

    3. If the first 2 solutions did not work, please be so kind as to follow the steps from this link in order to provide us with the reports we need for further investigation.

    The reports will be sent directly to our Technical Support Team and you will receive an automatic reply shortly.

    Please send me a PM with the ticket ID from the Subject of the e-mail so that I may analyze the reports and send you a solution as soon as possible.

    Also, please follow the steps below and make sure to include in your e-mail the requested screen-shot:

    For Windows versions prior than Vista:

    Go to Start, Run.., at the run dialog box type "devmgmt.msc", press Enter

    For Vista and Windows 7:

    Go to Start, type "devmgmt.msc" in the windows search text field and press Enter

    - open the View tab

    - chekc the option to Show hidden devices

    - expand Network adapters

    - take a screenshot

    - attach it to an email reply

    [How to take a screenshot]

    - When the window is on the screen please press the "PrintScreen" key ("PrintScreen" is located at the top of the keyboard, at right. At this step we can not see anything, as the picture is copied into Windows's clipboard)

    - Open a graphic editing application (We recommend using the standard Paint program, that comes with every Windows installation (Start > Program > Accessories > Paint))

    - Paste the picture in a new Paint document;

    - Save the file in JPEG format (BMP format is too big to send by e-mail).

    At the end, please do not forget to include the requested screen-shot in your e-mail together with the support tool and

    also to mention the ticket ID when you send me the PM.

    Thank you.

  • Hello, Aurelian,

    this is screenshot of my device manager,I sent you PM with the ticket ID, which I got from Customer Care. Thank you for early response.

    J. Motus


  • Kindly send to me a procedure on my e-mail how to enable firewall as soon as possible in details

  • Firewall is disabled and while trying to enable it shows the error:

    'Failed to communicate with the BitDefender Security service!'

    Please help



  • Hi everyone, this is my very first post and sorry it came in a such hurry...

    I have a Windows Vista home premium 64bit system, and I turned off the bitdefender firewall for about 5min and tried to turn it back on but it doesn't work anymore..

    Antivirus version: 13.0.18

    Problem: I tried to turn on the Bitdefender firewall but the system was not responding, then i clicked into the Control Panel in Bitdefender, under"Firewall" , they say" Failed to communicate with the BitDefender Security service....".. But the internet is connected..

    Is there anyway i can make it turn on? I tried to turn on and off the Windows Firewall, and restart and tried..But nothing worked... Anyone have any great solution?! Thank you for your help

  • Please help me. I have the same problem; failed to communicate with Bitdefender Services....

    I am using Vista Home Premium.

    Thank you,


  • Hi bitdefender support team, I have the same problem on my pc, would you please help send me the instruction please?

    Thanks a lot


  • I have exactly the same problem. I cannot enable my firewall.

    I am growing increasingly worried about this software. Soon after paying for it, I started to get problems. I am having to do a reinstall at least once a month. The typical reason being that the BitDefender icon is greyed out. The only solution that I've found is to reinstall.

    Now I have this new problem. If I hadn't paid for the product, I'd bin it. Having read this thread, I hope that some support member might send me this magical Email with complicated instructions on how to fix their "easy to use" software!

    I would very seriously suggest to anyone thinking of using BitDefender to watch this thread. And if you don't see a valid and final response from BitDefender support, don't bother with it, because although it (sometimes) works, it really isn't worth the grief that it will give you. <img class=" />

  • same problem. send solution asap

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    bitdefender firewall service is not is displaying error on enabling that it cant be enabled.please sent me the solution on [email protected]

  • Hi

    I have installed Bitdefender IS 2010.

    My firewall is disabled and while trying to enable it shows the error:

    'Failed to communicate with the BitDefender Security service!'

    Please tell me how to solve this problem!


    Richard Morris

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