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  • I only installed Firefox recently so not sure how long it's been going on. But I did google it why Netflix wasn't working and it seems it's happened to others. I'm not reluctant to turn SSL scanning back on in case it's blocking something else i'm not ware of.
  • I've noticed that by default Windows 10 sets your home wifi profile to public. This causes Bitdefender to think you are on an unsafe network. So if you are using Windows 10 go to the settings app then click on Network then click Wifi then click your network name then change the setting to make PC discoverable to Yes.
  • There is a major problem with Bitdefender. When in auto pilot mode it constantly keeps the laptop in game mode. But I'm not playing any games and there are no games running in the background. It doesn't matter if the laptop is running in mains or battery either. The only time it leaves game mode is if the battery runs low.…
  • If it's telling you that a defrag is recommended, it's not the same issue I ran into. Did you check the box(es) to right of the recommendations to tell BD which drive(s) to defrag? There were no check boxes there. Anyway since then I done A full factory reset of my laptop and reinstalled Bitdefender and the defrag function…
  • Is the defragmenter actually compatible with Windows 8.1? It doesn't work at all for me. Clicking Run after analysing does absolutely nothing.
  • Doesn't work for me either. After analysing it says defragmentation recommended for this volume. When I click run nothing happens. Even though it says volume needs defragmenting it just doesn't work.
  • Go to/ main screen/tools/profiles(gear)/battery mode/then click configure then uncheck "postpone windows automatic update" Thankyou. I didn't think of looking in the tools section.
  • How do you even know it's caused by Bitdefender? SD cards can and do break. I've had SD cards and USB sticks randomly break for no reason. It could just be coincidence that it happened the day after you installed Bitdefender.
  • I can't get search advisor to work with Bing in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It works with google on the same browsers though. At first I though it might not be compatibile with bing but then I noticed that it works in Opera. So now I just can't work out why it wont work with bing on both IE and Firefox but does work…
  • I note that you have recently installed BD, the scans do take a while to settle down. The Photon technology adapts to your computer and your use of the programs, only rescanning files that have been changed. All the scans I run are pretty quick now and never have I had any Cookies picked up. Explanation of Photon. Give it…
  • Not really going to help you but I have anti-virus plus and AVC is set to the normal setting. I've just tested the latest version of Opera and it is working fine. So I am not seeing any compatibility problem between Opera and Bitdefender.
  • Cookies are not harmful in themselves, but they can be part of a harmful action. Bitdefender - What are cookie threats? It's not the fact that they are being deleted that I don't like. It's the fact that when I've run a scan it says it found something like 61 infections. But they weren't infections they were cookies. I…
  • Hiya, if you don't allow it to update then yes, it is a problem. Things like idle scan and updates will impact on your battery life, how much I don't know and it will depend on your usage on-battery. You can click the Bitdefender icon and choose "Update" when you use your laptop and then you will be up to date for that…
  • Same problem here. Safe search doesn't work in bing but works in google
  • Have you ever any anti-malware program on your computer other than Windows Defender? If so, how did you uninstall it? Yes, Norton was pre-installed but was fully uninstalled using both the control panel as well as the Norton uninstaller tool. Also Malwarebytes free version is on my system and I would never uninstall that…
  • Both my wife's windows 7 PC and My Windows 8 pc run BDTS and neither have any performance issues, especially when surfing the net.At the same I am getting a hair over 150meg down on both pcs with a ping of 10-15ms depending on what time of day I test it. I find it odd how it happened a couple of years ago on…
  • Ok nevermind. I decided to give it a go anyway and downloaded the free trial. What a mistake. It had a massive impact on system performance, download speeds and ping. According to my download speeds with bitdefender installed are 1.5megs. Before installing it was 75megs. My ping has shot up from 10ms to 85ms…
  • The problem came back. I realised that I had used the Bitdefender registry cleaner so I checked the reg cleaner logs and found this. @="C:\\Program Files\\Bitdefender\\Bitdefender SafeBox\\SafeBox.exe" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs]…
  • Nevermind. It seems to be working now. I done a repair install and now the correct quota is showing in both the program and the mybitdefender account.
  • Thanks. I have sent you a PM with a link to that file. I think it sent anyway. If you didn't receive the PM please let me know.
  • That worked, Thanks
  • In the privacy control options there is an option to 'Show bitdefender toolbar' Just disable this option and that little tab should disappear(you may need to restart browser or computer after doing this). It works for me anyway.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit) Chrome (9.0.597.94) Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 With my current system configuration browsing in Chrome is very slow. When I do a test I get pings in excess of 540ms whereas the same test in IE8 gives a 50-60ms ping (mobile broadband connection). I did a simple test with…
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