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  • Hello, I remember your suggestion and you were not the only one asking for it however, it was not yet implemented. On a side note, why would you allow someone to use your PC if you do not trust him/her ? Why would I allow someone? Its because I have 5 PC license for 3 years and I installed bd on my moms and dads computer…
  • Now it is working well, but 8 hours ago when I typed I was shown that website.
  • go to and login with your email and password, you will see your key there.
  • I tried everything and still NTI does not start. also task manager does not work, pressing Ctrl alt del does not shows the task manager and I cannot turn off the computer. I have to push the power button for 5 seconds to turn my computer off.
  • Can I also get the settings backup tool too?
  • exactly same problem, I have disabled my antivirus and still NTI does not start.
  • Displaying Email address is ok but not the key. The registration page should look like this, the key is hidden now. Hopes this reduce the piracy of Bitdefender. Also forward this post to BD engineers.
  • The right way is that the key should not be displayed. I bought 5PC license for my family and my Dad is not a pro in this field and he let anyone use and fix the computer. This helps in piracy of softwares, I dont care about this, but you are the one who is loosing money. Would you leave your car key on top of the car and…
  • So anyone can register bitdefender by looking the key at my computer and register the same key anywhere. Bitdefender should hide the key.
  • Where is the full download link for Antivirus Pro 32bit
  • I formatted my computer with XPSP3 and installed BD from the CD that i downloaded from BD Direct installation download link. I burned it in a CD. installed it. When I started installing I did not download the update, I installed the local version. then the…
  • I paid for BD last week, I think I should have waited a little longer. I Uninstalled bitdefender for right now. They should fix it very soon..
  • I have the same problem, Windows XP Sp3 My computer freezes immediately after booting. I restarted in Safe mode to uninstall BD but the Uninstaller doesnt work in safe mode, WHY? I restarted again in safe mode with networking to get internet access, downloaded Bitdefender Uninstaller tool, uninstalled it and now everything…
  • Try to set the BitDefender services to Manual startup, instead of Automatic. That can be done in Control Panel > Administrative tools> Services. Also, disable any associated startup entries in the Msconfig utility (type msconfig in the Run field of the Start menu). Even if this works though, once you start the program, the…
  • I agree with that, no process should be started if deleted from startup.
  • Where i can download V10 instead of Bitdefender 2008, and is it same in function like virus detection.
  • The new bitdefender is slow too.
  • Hi Saud Iqbal, You also have to add to the exclusion list the path C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Start Menu. You excluded the Universal StartMenu, but users also have an independent StartMenu, personalized for everyone of them. Cris. I also did that. still bd is scanning the exe files linked with the start menu.
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