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  • As far as I know there isn't an uninstall tool for the free version. In the past I have uninstalled that version from the Windows Control Panel with complete success.
  • Just the way it is worded, and yeah a little confusing. I assume that it is there so you can run a manual update whenever you want but you can of course check on when the last successful update was by clicking on the bell icon in the left hand column, any problems that need attention will be listed in the "Critical" tab.
  • Yeah, happening to me as well although BD is active. I keep getting this window on my computer (two computers in fact - annoying!) Trying to log in gives me an "Internal Server" error. Guess we will have to wait for BD to sort it out.
  • Are you saying it doesn't appear at all? It helps if you post your Bitdefender version and your Windows version. Bitdefender works immediately at boot, the Icon and GUI are loaded a while after boot, and there is no "awake" message with 2017. If you are using Windows 10 ensure that the tray icon is set to appear (right…
  • Wallet works for me. Firefox 49.0.2: Windows 10 AU: BD TS
  • Yes, the Widget is back between start-ups. Thank you Sorin G for the update.
  • This is a known problem and is being looked at. /index.php?/topic/72560-sent2devel-bitdefender-widget/&do=embed&comment=261007&embedComment=261007&embedDo=findComment">
    en Security Widget Comentario por Rohugh octubre 2016
  • Hiya, There is a topic /index.php?/topic/72509-sent2devel-keep-getting-enable-elevation-at-startup/" rel="">here . Technical Support has acknowledged the problem and forwarded it to the Devs for action. They also suggest to disable the Scan USB Device as a workaround until it gets sorted.
  • Thanks Sorin G. Not a major problem as the rest of BD seems to be working well. 
  • Yes, the 2016 key is valid for the upgrade. I have upgraded two computers from 2016 via Central without problems. When you uninstalled 2016 did you also check with Windows Control Panel> Programs and Features to also ensure that the Bitdefender Agent was removed?