How to install a third year of BitDefender


I have used BitDefender happily for the last two years. I am now seeking to renew for a third year. I have purchased a renewal package (essentially a new Activation Code). I have logged in to '' and followed the download instructions.

I have downloaded a file named 'bitdefender_windows_7d9f5a26-4dcd-4526-acb0-1d75bbd5bf71.exe'. It is some 16MB in size, which is consistent with previous years.
When I click on that to execute I get the usual UAC message, and click 'YES'. Nothing further happens.

In the UAC notice It says: Program location: "C:\Users\tim\AppData\Local\Temp\RarSFX4\bddeploy.exe".

But I do not have a sub-directory 'RarSFX4'. I DO have 'RarSFX3', and it does contain a file 'bddeploy.exe', with a creation date of today (2nd June 2024). If I double click that I get the UAC message, but nothing further.

What should I try next, please?


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  • dvsls
    dvsls QA Manager BD Staff
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    You don't need to install the app again if you already have it installed, you just need to purchase an additional year of subscription using the same Bitdefender account - this way the subscription is updated automatically without the need to reinstall the app.


  • ramasaig

    Thank you. I followed the installation instructions more carefully and it worked.