Bitdefender false positives rendering my work impossible


I am working with PHP files directly on FTP.

Bitdefender detects a lot of PHP files as virus. However these files are written by me, short files, part of a framework, but mostly contain words and function regarding login, password reset, etc.

I use Notepad++ to download and edit these files. When Bitdefender detects a threat, I can't download files anymore, Notepad++ becomes unusable, therefore it has to be restarted. I added an exception for the PHP files in question, but Notepad++ uses some sort of temp directory to hold the downloaded files. So I have to restart Notepad++ to make it working again, but this is a huge problem since I have to open again all the files I'm working with, I am loosing track of what am I doing, etc.

Please do not offer another text editor, another workflow or resetting the settings.

How can I turn off things to stop Bitdefender detecting false positives, eg. tell Bitdefender, "Hey, this isn't a threat!"?