how can i open specific ports?


I'm a touch frustrated, so apologies if i sound abrupt.

Part of the primary functionality of a firewall is to enable allowing access to the local machine via specific ports, e.g. SNMP, WMI, etc. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this in Bitdefender Total Security. I also cannot get the settings right so the computer will respond to pings.

I have tried adding a firewall rule to allow all applications, any network, any protocol, both directions, and i still cannot ping my PC. This should not be difficult.

How, please?



  • sam.kim168960
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    1. Open Bitdefender:
      • Go to Protection > Firewall.
    2. Add Rule:
      • Go to Rules > Add rule.
      • Name it and set Application to All applications.
      • Set Network to Any, Protocol to Any, and Direction to Both.
      • Specify Local ports (e.g., 161 for SNMP, 135 for WMI).
      • Click OK to save.
    3. Allow Ping:
      • Go to Adapters tab.
      • Select your network adapter.
      • Set Stealth Mode to Off.
      • Uncheck Block ICMP.

    Save these settings and you should be able to access the ports and ping your PC.
    i hope this helps

  • memyselfandi

    thanks! I'll give it a shot.

    i had already tried [2], setting the ports to 1-65535 expecting that to open everything [as a test]. but i expected that to enable ping replies as well.

    I'll come back and choose the appropriate link as to if it fixed things once i test it. Again - thanks!

    question: if the protocol is set to 'any', why is it necessary to also specify the ports?

  • sam.kim168960
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    i am glad to help you out….
    Answer: When the protocol is set to "any" in Bitdefender, specifying ports is necessary to:

    1. Target Specific Services: Limit the rule to traffic on specific ports (e.g., HTTP on port 80).
    2. Enhance Security: Reduce the attack surface by only allowing traffic on specified ports.
    3. Improve Rule Management: Make it easier to understand and manage firewall rules.

    hope this helps………………..