Blocked from completing purchase of gravity zone


Almost 30 days ago downloaded a trial of Gravity Zone Small Business Security. Put it on one server and 13 stations. Now want to enter a card and complete purchase. Their prompts to buy link to 2Checkout. 2Checkout asks for email. I give the one I used for download. It says it doesn't recognize that. Ping pong between BD and 2Checkout. BD says purchase problems are for 2Checkout. 2Checkout says, "we can assist with online payment inquiries only" which is of course exactly what I'm asking. Argh!

Can't get back to the original trial page which had both trial and buy buttons. Web pages have changed. The original page said for my 14 devices it would be ~$250 one year. Only thing I can find that can be bought on BD web page now is enterprise level. "Gravity Zone Business Security Premium" (note that's a slightly different name but closest available) would be ~$800 one year.

As of Mon trial ends and we are unprotected.

I've done this exact sequence, trial then pay, Gravity Zone Small Business Security, for several previous clients and no problem. Now BD and 2Checkout have it all messed up.