Settings Protection Password


Please help!

I am usually very diligent and careful with my passwords, but have forgotten the settings protection password for my Antivirus Plus 2013. Can anyone tell me how I may reset or recover it?

I opened a support ticket with Bitdefender support more than 2 weeks ago, but have heard nothing. I contacted support again several days ago.. and still no reply.

I have a 3 computer license, and up to this point (trying to get tech support help), have really been impressed with the product. I will seriously look elsewhere for my anti-virus solution if this is typical of Bitdefender support.

Please Advise?


  • Hello :)

    In 2 minutes I will send you a PM with further details.

    Thank you!

  • I too have forgotten the password protection, password and although have asked and received a support ticket number but nothing further. I am in the quandry of not being able to turn my firewall on because I need the password. Frustrating waiting a response.

  • Hello @Rimp50 ,

    I understand you forgot password protection for Bitdefender Total Security or Mobile Security. Indeed, contacting support team is the right approach. If I may help, please send privately your tickets number so I can follow up.



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