No Support, Email Now Blocked Undeliverable


Support ticket # 2015020601480002, my responses via email are now coming back to me As follows:



Today at 10:04 AM

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.


Mail server for "" unreachable for too long

I've completely had it with Bitdefenders' garbage, honor your 30 day money back guarantee! Obviously I am completely dissatisfied with Bitdefender!

Any chance of redeeming good customer relationship has been completely destroyed by the delayed now denied support. We are done before we ever had a chance of establishing any

rapport what so ever. Stop the nonsense & refund my purchase price, the Bitdefender product(s) have been completely removed from all of my systems... all traces!


  • WOW! do I wish I'd done a more complete search for ratings for Bitdefender, instead of just looking at what appears to have shrill sites & reviews. A Better Business Bureau rating of "F", yup that's right F. , but don't take my word for it. It's right there on the South Florida BBB website!

    South East Florida BBB Bitdefender Page

    No responses to either my last support ticket response a round the block, since the email block, nor this forum post, after looking up "Bitdefender Customer Complaints" in over 24 hrs of no responses to my messages (some 24/7 support huh?). In an internet search though I don't find the communications problems surprising at all, looks to be problem.

    BD has a good following of complaints on,, as well as some others, mostly related to their very poor after sale support...... Imagine that?!! After reading several of the complaints also if you still have a viable CC listed with Avangate, I'd remove it ASAP. Seems people are getting charged for Auto subscription renewals even after cancelling their previous subscriptions.

    Maybe you'll just moderate this post, wouldn't surprise me a bit dealing with your support has been quite a revelation, but there are plenty of other places to post & publish these things. In short nothing new here as always buyer be ware!

    Have a nice day!


  • Refund has been finally issued via Avangate! Why did it take having to go through such a run-a-round, taking over 24hrs to get responses, emails getting blocked & danged near a week from the first refund request to get here? Wouldn't it have been much easier to simply issue a dissatisfaction refund as requested, when requested? Why does it take notifying the BBB to get things done?!

    Thank You & have a nice day!


  • Rohugh
    Options has stopped being supported or monitored which was probably the reason for not getting any replies. It now goes through

    Still. problem solved now. :)