Virtualbox / Turnkey Linux / Wordpress Box / Internet Security 2015


Hi, I'm evaluating the Internet Security 2015 product on a box that routinely runs a Turnkey Linux Wordpress install in a VirtualBox VM. I access this combination via another machine on my network in order to work on the Wordpress site. It's always worked well for my needs and was fairly fast. But ever since installing the trial for the Internet Security product, it's slowed to an absolute crawl. It routinely takes 5-10 seconds for the page to load..which, is unacceptable.

I'm guessing it's a setting somewhere in the firewall or ID section and could easily test for this condition if there were a way to temporarily disable all the "features". But, since that doesn't seem to be an option (why is that by the way?) I'm hoping someone has bumped into this and has a simple solution

It should be as easy as allowing all local traffic on the network to by-pass all the filtering..but where in the options to do this?