Safepay Doesn't Seem To Work With Microsoft Edge.


I just updated my OS to Windows 10 which Bitdefender is supposed to support. However, none of my bookmarks will open in Safepay when I use Microsoft Edge. There was no problem in Firefox so it seems to be working OK in other browsers. Has anyone got it to work in Microsoft Edge? Could I be doing something wrong?

Many thanks



  • Same thing here.

    I installed Windows 10 and bitdefender antivirus 2015 but I don't see the option to activate the safepay and wallet option in MS Edge

  • When you upgraded to the Win 10 OS and it completed, did you later get an automatic update of Bitdefender? If not there are updates available for each version of the Win 10 OS you are using.

    I saw this in the installation section on Win 10 upgrades. There are specific web addresses for each of the Win 10 versions. Maybe this will help.