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Bitdefender Central Not Working! Why?


I can't login to my account on my computer, two of my clients cannnot log into their accounts on their computers.

We put in our emails and passwords, click submit and it goes into the central control panel and immediately redirects back out to the login page.

Tried it on 3 computers, 3 different internet connections, three different browsers.

Same result.

Come on bitdefender, sort this mess out. I have clients without any protection because I uninstalled the old versions to install the new and I can't get in to central to activate new codes.



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    There was a temporarily issue, already addressed by now.

    Please try clearing cache and cookies or even consider a different web browser.

    Feel free to reply should the issue persist.

    Thank you!

  • Hi!

    I'm using Bitdefender Family pack 2016. We have a lot of devices (windows and android). As I have bought the product, I've logged on with my e-mail and created 1 acc.

    After a number of devices already installed, I went to my other apartment and tried installation on 2 laptops there via different network provider. When I tiped in my password to log in to central, it did not show that the password was wrong, it simply showed blank page and then returned me to log in to central page. After trying out several browsers, I used my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot and tried logging in with that. Somehow it worked and I have successfully installed bitdefender.

    However, when I came home, my old laptop was done with system recoverey and was without bitdefender that I have installed 2 days ago (was hoping that the laptop is slow due to some virus or something but it was clean so I deleted everything and reinstalled windows). I've connected to my network and it blocked me out from central as before. I have used my phone as a hotspot and it worked. Internet in both appartments works great, so that's not the issue.

    Now I do not know if the problem is in the number of devices in one acc (I've read that 1 family member can have unlimited number of devices and that there can be 3-5 members) or something else but I'm worried what happens if my laptop needs to be replaced and I buy a new one and can not install Bitdefender. Please give some input as soon as possible!

    PS: I've tried chat and no one answered :/

  • Please answer my question above.

    With respect

  • Month and a half passed since I asked my question above...It is shame that "the best" antivirus in the world has such bad customer service... I wonder how do you expect to keep customers when you treat them like that? So disappointing...

  • Rohugh

    Hiya Lucijan,

    Try sending them an email at Explain again or even link them to this topic. :)


  • Why is there no response to this topic? I have the same problem. The program won't start unless I log into Central. I can log into Central from the web but when I start the program it still prompts me to log into Central. Program will not start. I log in correctly but it doesn't recognize it and just asks me to log in again.

  • Sorin G.

    @stever2470 please continue the discussion on your open ticket : 2016050305500001

    Topic closed as this was a temporary issue all services are up and running, should you encounter a situation similar to this one please clear your cookies and cache and try a different browser before posting.

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