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No System Tray Icon And How To Turn It Off


Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to bitdefender 2016 and seem to be having some problems with it. If someone could help I'd appreciate it.

1. bitdefender doesn't put an icon in the system tray and I can't find anywhere in the settings to tell it to do so

2. it won't let malwarebytes update - malwarebytes is using a temp file to call home for the update and it changes every time I try to update and each time, bitdefender blocks it. The malwarebytes app itself is whitelisted but obviously the whitelist doesn't extend to temp files. any idea of a workaround?

3. how do I temporarily turn bitdefender off? with all my other antivirus/firewall programmes I've had, I've always been able to turn the whole thing off temporarily or even completely shut it down but not bitdefender.. Is it because I don't have the system tray icon?

considering this is a paid subscription, I never expected to have this much trouble with it. grrrr!


  • Sorin G.

    1. Bitdefender does use a systray icon, and gets installed automatically. If you have other security solutions on that machine it is possible the install was not done properly as it may have been blocked. To solve this you can uninstall the other security solutions and run a Repair on Bitdefender

    2. Bitdefender will not try to be compatible with other security solutions, it is recommended to have only 1 security solution.

    3. You can disable Bitdefender by going through the menu to each Module and turning it off, there is no general OFF button.

  • maybe

    Thanks Sorin,

    I had run a bitdefender repair previously but it did nothing. I'll uninstall malwarebytes and try again.