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Have To Shut Off Bitdefender To Use Steam


Major issue. For whatever reason bitdefender is flagging any game update or download for the steam program and preventing it. Trying to set up exclusions does nothing.

Only workaround is disabling bitdefender..

Any idea why bitdefender is going nuts, or we can get an update to stop this? Everything was fine until I updated today.


  • same issue here since the early morning. ive also tried to whitelist steam but cant download any game. bitdefender keeps up spamming me with warnings

  • Sorin G.

    Hello everybody,

    Please let me know what error are you receiving (a screenshot would be most useful).

    Also what product and what build version are you running.

    Will also help letting us know what game triggers this behavior.

  • Hi everybody, after every steam update I go to the rules of my bitdefender firewall and delete the 2 lines of steam.exe and steamwebhelper.exe. I exit and restart Steam and everything is working fine. Hope this works out for you.