Continual Port Scans


I am getting repeated port scans reported as blocked from our internal network quite a few times a day. I have added a network exception for the IP address (which is a trusted internal IP), however it still happens. Wondering what I need to do as it is not only extremely annoying but the popup also takes the focus off the window I am working in and if I don't notice as I'm typing it's meaning I need to redo a lot of work.

Any suggestions as to how to stop this without compromising safety would be greatly appreciated. On Total Security 2016, and Win 10 64-bit.


  • Hello Jahnu,

    You can disable the Block Port Scans option in the Firewall to completely remove those events. But this will have a small impact on your security.

    The zero impact method is to disable Paranoid Mode from General Settings and you will not receive any visible notifications, all the events will be shown in the Event Viewer.

  • Ok, that's a work around, thanks, but what I am not understanding is why I can't make an exception for a trusted IP. I still want to know immediately if something from outside has been trying to get in, as that makes sense to me from a security stand point, but why can I not tell BD "don't block my internal network"? I think the notifications are great, but they're not actually the issue.

  • Anyone?

  • Hello,

    If you disable paranoid mode you will still be able to see if something tried to get in, via event logs.

    Also a exception should have resolved the situation, please ensure the exception has the same profile as your adapters.