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Constant Bitdefender Related Traffic When Using Vpn


Does anyone have an idea why there is constant network traffic between Bitdefender server and my computer most of the time when I use VPN?

The traffic is caused by ProductAgentService.exe and bdwtxag.exe - both are Bitdefender processes. The traffic happens between IPv4 Address of FreedomeVPNConnection and (Bitdefender's Romanian server). It only happens when F-secure Freedome VPN is on - turning Freedome off stops the traffic but since the processes that are causing it are Bitdefender related, this should not be a Freedome issue. Quick measurement at one time showed 56/256 kbps (sent/received) traffic for Freedome TAP driver and 128/264 kbps for LAN adapter. The traffic usually pauses for some hours and then starts again.

Windows 10 Pro

Freedome version 1.4.3038.0

Bitdefender Total Security 2016


  • Sorin G.

    Hello Vbogansz,

    This behavior is normal, the ProductAgentService is the Agent itself that keeps your device linked to Central, it is normal for it to communicate with the cloud regardless if your VPN is on or off.

    The second is the Bitdefender Wallet that is also linked to the cloud for you to be able to share the same wallet on multiple devices.

    In short these connections should occur regardless if the VPN is on or off. I would assume the VPN is unable to handle the packets and fragments the data, with the VPN off the process is seamless and goes unnoticed.

    Another explanation could be packet loss leading to packet resending causing more traffic over a longer period.