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Bitdefender Is A Pile Of Crap


I have never ever had so many problems with any antivirus before nor the software. First you need to have internet explorer 10 just to activate this crap. What other antivirus requires you to install unnecessary things that you dont need to activate it ? its like Bitdefender is asking you intall this malware so that we could work.

Support is terrible.... I opened the ticket asking for help in regard to product activation and i didnt get any reply. Then in 5 days i got email saying since i didnt replied to them they are closing the case.... didnt get ANY notifications that someone replied to the ticket didnt get ANY links where i could look to the answer.. Thats how horrible BItdefender is...

But it gets even better on top of all this BS today bitdefender decided without my permission or asking me to just restart my computer how cool is that ? IF anyone is reading this and planning on buyying bitdefender DONT. I`ve used avast and avira in the past and they gave me NO ###### problems. STAY AWAY from bitdefender and theyr crap