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So I'm having this BSOD (caused by driver: ntoskrnl.exe) everytime during watching some streams like on twitch.

I have a minidump, a full dump and an xml file concerning one of those BSODs, they're all similar so... Their archived size is 1,75 GB, if anybody among the developers is interested in it - I can upload it to and give you a link to it.

I tried pretty hard to get it after I uninstalled BitDefender IS 2016 (latest version with all updates), but failed to, so it is definitely caused by BitDefender since I hadn't got it a single time before I installed BitDefender too.

OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64 w all updates (excluding the spying/telemetry ones).

Browser: Firefox x64 47.0.1, flash player updated.

Hopefully you will be more interested in fixing this issue than in fixing the issues described /index.php?showtopic=69992#entry255588" rel="">here.


  • Sorin G.

    Hello Feroom,

    Firstly please keep in mind that this is a forum, where discussions are to be had and also light troubleshooting. For your situation we require the files and also the logs from our diagnostic tool, this being a public environment we will continue troubleshooting via ticket : 2016070916570002

    Please check your Inbox and provide us with the requested information and any information that you may deem relevant for this situation at hand.

    Also please note that all topics are being replied to as humanly possible.

  • Feroom

    I've sent the link to the dumps to you via PM since I didn't see any new messages in my inbox.

  • Sorin G.


    I have received the logs, please follow the steps in the article bellow to resolve the encountered situation.

    Note : That the situation applies regardless if you ever used SafePay or not.

  • I'm new and I'm interested in this topic. Thank you!