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Constant Pop-Ups To Restart Computer/constant Updates

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For the last couple of weeks I have been getting constant pop-up reminders from BitDefender to restart my computer because of a product update. It pops up about every 10 minutes or so, the entire time I have my PC on. I restarted my PC when I first got this message, and I always shut down my laptop every night. So, I am not sure why this pop-up window will not go away.

I went through the event logs, and for the last couple of weeks there are constant updates (8-10 a day). This seems unusual to me. Why are there so many daily updates happening? I am guessing these constant updates are causing the constant pop-up to restart, which is maddening.

Please help.

A couple of details:
Windows 10
BitDefender Internet Security 2016 (says it is completely up-to-date; green across the board)

P.S. For a piece of security software, I get more pop-ups from BitDefender than just about any annoying website (there are always pop-ups to buy new products, just after I have renewed subscriptions, and quite regularly; now this...)


Any ideas about how to solve this?



  • Sorin G.

    Hello Hlr678,

    Please run a repair on your Bitdefender and after the process is complete run an Update and check the Event logs for the "Restart Now" should it be necessary to reboot for any pending updates.

  • Hello again,


    Since I originally posted this, I did try the suggestion to repair Bitdefender. It worked for a while, but this has since happened an additional 3 times. Each time I have repaired Bitdefender, and each time it solves things temporarily, and then the same thing happens again. This is getting frustrating. Bitdefender is constantly asking me to restart my computer (though I restart every day already), plus all the usual pop ups about deals (even though I really don't want these pop ups either). I get more pop ups from this security program, that with anything else!

  • Hello? Any idea why this keeps happening?

  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
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    Best course of action is to upgrade to 2017. All 2016 subscriptions are eligible for a free upgrade.

    Alternatively you can go to Bitdefender Central and download the Agent (installer) and run it until it detects the 2016 on your machine and stop the installer, after a reboot you should no longer get the prompts.

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