Problem With Bitdefender Quickscan

I run Win 8.1. My browser (Chrome), so slow lately, keeps showing this notification "extension bitdefender quickscan was automatically removed" even though I press the confirmation button each time and I don't even remember installing it in the first place!!

Is it a virus or a malware? My AV doesn't show anything after scanning! How can I remove it completely once and for all?


  • I installed BitDefender Quickscan on Chrome and upgraded to Win10 quite a while ago. I am now getting the same notification and cannot figure out how to remove it. I've checked the list of Chrome Extensions and BitDefender is not showing up there...

    "extension bitdefender quickscan was automatically removed"

  • I didn't install it and I also checked in chrome extensions list and didn't find it. I even searched for the extension DLL file on my entire computer but couldn't find it either, yet it still appears each time I open chrome for the first time after starting PC!! It's so annoying and I'm afraid it might be a bug or a malware.