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Some File Download Fetal Error

edited August 2016 in General

hi guys! i am using the 2015 version of bitdefender. i am programmer i got problem in browser downloading.Drep detection whenever i download an executable from my own website It a clean software i made by own. but why this detection occurring? can any body tell me how to avoid it?


  • Sorin G.


    That is a generic warning from the browser itself.

    If Bitdefender is blocking or removing your file after the download it complete and you believe its a false positive, please use our submit form for our labs to analyze it.

  • Hey Admin..? I am suffering from the same problem..!! I have tried many solution and your this method too but I am still having the same problem. Once I Thought my website will go down if I would not take any further step..? help me please..!! My Website Is Celeb Style Outfit.