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Powershell.exe Accessing Web Resource For


Sorry if im not posting this in the right area. I tried to find a virus/warning area but i wasn't able to...

Anyways, PC is running fine, but every so often i get a message popping up that says "infected web resource detected" and the message is "The application powershell.exe accesses a web resource that has been detected as infected. The web resource has been successfully blocked and your pc is now safe."

My question is... why would my pc randomly try to access this "web resource" and should i be concerned. Google searches turned up virus warnings on the website in question, but other than that, not too much else.

Thanks in advance.


  • Have you tried running your Bitdefender in Full Scan mode? It seems that there is incoming malware detected in your pc but suddenly blocked its activity that's why a popping message appears. I would recommend you to run in full scan so it will disinfect a malicious files from your computer.