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Which version is best for W10?



Using BDTS(2016-version at the moment) for a few years. Little problems started since I upgraded from W8.1pro to W10pro.

I have a pretty fast pc. When I open BD from taskbar it takes some time until the interface appears. Much longer than other programs/apps.

Only after I manuallly update BD the 'BD-awake'-notification appears. Yes, I have read the topic where is said that I'm protected even before the notification appears.

Sometimes a scan or tune-up hangs and I have to manually stop the operation when Windows tells me the program is not responding.

When I try again it works fine and finishes in a blink.

I wonder if BDTS-Multi device 2017 or even the normal BDTS 2017 will work better with W10. Ofcourse I could try the normal 2017 first, but if it's known that Multi device has a better compatebility than I will save myself the trouble and upgrade right away.

I'm having absolutely no problems with up-to-date W10pro and not using W10 Defender/Firewall or any other tune-up or protection programs.


  • mab

    The upgrade-offer I received by e-mail didn't seem to work. I kept getting a higher price in the progress.

    So instead of upgrading to Multi-device I tried the BDTS2017 version after all.

    Much better: Interface opens directly(very fast) from taskbar. No hang-ups yet. I guess there's no more 'BD-awake'-notification.

  • Math_Matei

    Bitdefender TS 2017 is fully compatible with w10
    Indeed, the notification Bitdefender Awake
    has been eliminated in this version 2017

    Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF @3,50 GHz, 128.0 GB RAM

  • Sorin G.



    The transition from one operating system to Windows 10 is a little bumpy. Personally I would suggest a fresh install, never upgrade.

    That being said please contact our support at and also provide them with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.