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Paranoid Mode "loses" my ethernet adapter - doesn't work anymore


Hello everyone,


I now have a 100% repeatable bug so can post it here.

The bug: my ethernet interface is not "seen" by bitdefender and therefore paranoid mode is not working, allowing every program to connect to the internet!

How to reproduce:

1) repair bitdefender install using the "apps & features" window of windows 10: click uninstall for bitdefender, select repair in the window

2) reboot the computer

3) enable paranoid mode, see your ethernet adapter correctly detected, see the correct connection prompts appearing

4) reboot computer

5) bitdefender lost the ethernet adapter, all programs are allowed to connect to the internet!



  • Sorin G.



    Firstly why did you run the repair in the 1st place?

    Secondly please ensure you have the latest network adapter driver.

    Should the issue persist even with the latest driver please open a ticket with our support team using

    Please also provide them with the logs from the Bitdefender Support Tool.

  • Hello,

    I hope it sounds normal to run the repair command if something is not working in the first place....

    I do have the latest network adapter driver (from intel website directly), I already opened a ticket and sent the logs yet no one has answered yet!

  • Sorin G.



    Can you please provide me with a ticket number as I was unable to locate any cases searching via your forum email.

  • 2016102307050002

  • Sorin G.



    I have forwarded the ticket to the proper department and a technician will contact you in the shortest time possible.