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Bitdefender 2017 celebration offer


As a total security 2016 user I received an email offer where it says "To show you our gratitude for being a loyal customer we've created a special celebration offer: you can now get Bitdefender 2017 and extend your protection for another year at a great deal", now it was unclear to me is this new offer will prolong my existing licence + 365 days or is it brand new licence for 365 days, so on chat I asked and received totally different answer - it is new 2017 licence counting only your remaining 2016 licence days or your 2016 remaining days will be untouched + 365 days added from 2017 licence .. this is so confusing, what is the meaning of "extend" in email offer? .. does it extend present 2016 licence for a 1 year or is it brand new 2017 licence for a 1 year?

any suggestion will be a appreciated!


  • truthfacts
    edited November 2016


    Don't do it. I did this last year and I kept get getting emails to renew even though I had added a year and the extension of time showed. I wrote the company at least 5 times and it was ignored. Finally after several months of complaining they finally fixed the problem. The aggravation was not worth it.

  • .. something is fishy about this offer (like you said) .. especially if I already have active licence for 5 months more, not just for a few days ..


  • Hitbit

    Hi All,

    There is absolutely nothing fishy about such offers from BitDefender though their way of putting same to us their customers is somewhat confusing and is not at all helped by their tendency to take ages to answer a question and then regularly not answer the question asked but something else altogether. I have often stated my concerns over such delays. This does not take from the fact that plain and simple BitDefender Total Security is the very best security suite out there and has been for quite some time. I belief it is flawless and uses little or no cpu power compared to its competitors. I usually have to contact them several times every time I take up an offer, to ensure my subscription is being extended, but it is more than worthwhile as my  5 device subscription currently has 928 days to run and is protecting Pc's, Laptops and Phones.