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Product Notifications are turned off so why this?


I'm seeing a Black Friday pop-up notification advert despite "Display special offers and product notifications" turned off in General Settings. I will never EVER buy a licence direct from BitDefender again. I now only buy new licences from Amazon which are generally 60 to 70% cheaper (and without the forced auto-renewal scam).

I don't want these notifications, I DON'T want to seem them again. EVER.


  • Agree.


    I specifically got a 3 pack so I could give a copy to my mother and I got an email from her almost hysterical that she had some virus on her computer. Turned out it was just Bitdefender advertising to her even though we specifically turned off Display special offers and product notifications.

  • And again.

    "Display special offers and product notification" is turned off and I get a popup saying I can upgrade to 2017.

    Send me an email if you must, but it would be great if these product notifications would go away.

  • Doesn't anyone know how to stop this intrusion?

    Bitdefender is behaving like malware by not observing it's own communication preferences setting.

  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
    edited January 2017



    The notification you received is actually a campaign to upgrade all of our customers to the latest version of Bitdefender.

    This is not a special offer as such it will bypass that feature.

    There is a workaround you can do to stop the notification. Place the attached file in C:\Program Files\Bitdefender Agent\settings and hit replace when prompted.

    You may have to do this in Safe Mode as the product might not take kindly to such modifications.


  • D-G

    /index.php?/profile/201429-sorin-g/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="201429" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/201429-sorin-g/" rel="">@Sorin G.  Saying that this is not a special offer, so doesn't need to honour the preferences is disingenuous, to say the least.

    I'm getting a nag screen about upgrading even though I have well over 3 months left on my licence, and the message specifically only has options for 'Upgrade now' and 'Remind me tomorrow', but no 'close' button.  Even if I kill the process, I still get it redisplayed a couple of days later, so it's clear that BitDefender want to make it as difficult as possible for people to ignore their adverts.

    This sort of behaviour does BitDefender no credit whatsoever and makes me question whether I can really trust them (and whether it's time to find an alternative vendor).