AV Plus 2017 issues: Active Threat Control preventing Discord from starting up, random DNS issues, A

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2017 latest version (installed yesterday)

- Windows 10 Pro x64 (generally working fine, sfc /scannow is not reporting any errors etc...)


- Active Threat Control is preventing Discord (beta version too) from starting. No slpash screen can be seen if the ATC is enabled even with 'Permissive' mode

- After the installationg eg. Skype (latest version) was complaining about DNS issues. PC is using router's IP as a DNS address and eg. Google's DNS didn't helped neither. The issue was gone right after the uninstallation of Bitdefender. After the second installation DNS seems to work somehow but sometimes Skype is still showing orange warning message regarding DNS issues.

- I've set Game profile to be launched based on 3 games. Currently this mode seems to be always on regardless are the actual games running or not. The games are configured as .exe files which are definitely not running constantly.