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How to uninstall dis? Please help. I'm stuck.


I have this old Bitdefender antivirus which I'm trying to remove but I'm getting an error. I have tried uninstalling from the Control Panel. 

I have attached d screenshot. I have also tried the tool which ran successfully, but the product wasn't removed. Please help me in uninstalling the same. Thank you.






  • dch48
    edited December 2016

    To me , it looks like what you have is not the real Bitdefender. The publisher should not be SOFTWIN and I have never seen a version number stated like that in CCleaner.

    You should do a full scan with something like Malwarebytes.

    Also, if it is legitimate, CCleaner does not always remove entries for things that have been uninstalled. Sometimes you have to delete them manually. The error could just be due to the program associated with the entry no longer existing on the system.

  • dbrisendine

    Prakhar - That is indeed an old version (possibly pre-2010).  I think that the uninstall tool from here should help.  Please try and let us know the results.

  • Sorin G.



    Indeed that is a very old Bitdefender.

    The uninstall tool from dbrisendine should remove it if you still find remnants use the tool below.