[Fixed] Can't download bank statements in SafePAY

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When I use SafePAY to access my bank and then try to download the monthly statement I get a message that it can't download it. Why not? The statement is a pdf document. I think I should be allowed to choose whether or not to download it but can't find a setting that will allow me to do that.



  • Hello,


    The situation is known and our team is working on resolving it.

    The fix will be delivered via automatic updates.

  • Thank You. Hopefully it will be soon.

  • I'm having the same issue as well. I was told to repair my installation and nothing happened. I need to download statements for work and have to revert back to not using Safepay. When will this be fixed???

  • Hello,


    The issue has been resolved in build please update.

    Also note that this update requires a restart for changes to take effect.

  • On my Windows 10 computer, I undated BitDefender 2017 and have build

    Still I cannot download credit card statements. Please advise. Thank you.


  • Hello,


    On what Bank(URL) do you encounter this issue ?

    Does this issue reproduce on your normal browsers as well or just SafePay ?

  • Thank you, Sorin. I prefer not to identify the bank. The problem occurs when I use Firefox or Chrome.

  • Hello,


    If you do not wish to provide the URL publicly send our support team a email via [email protected] to be able to investigate.

    Also please include the log from the Bitdefender Support Tool.