Local Area Connection* 10 (Teredo) - Generic On or Off?

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My Firewall was set as Private in Windows prior to Bitdefender installation. On both computers I own Bitdefender sets Firewall as Home, with these settings: Ethernet Stealth Off, Generic Off and Teredo (on screenshot is Local Area Connection* 10, on another computer is Teredo, that is the same as far as I understand) Stealth Off, Generic On. I have uploaded screenshot.

So Generic is Off for Ethernet and On for Teredo.

In topic ''What is Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-interface'' (link included at bottom of my post) it is the other way around. Teredo have Generic Off and Ethernet On.


Which settings should I use?


I am a little bit worried that Trusted setting (not Home/Office) and Stealth Off from Teredo adapter will be used somewhere where they should not be used, since Generic is On, or is that not possible?

That other thread made me a little confused about these settings.

On the other hand, I don't want to have to manage settings per application, I just want to let Bitdefender make their own decisions.






  • One more question if anybody can give me advice. Why Teredo is set on Trusted instead on Home? Trusted is Firewall off setting, isn't it?

  • Hello,


    To simply answer, VPN or Virtual adapters are considered safe and should be treated as such to allow proper functionality.

    They are not a direct pipe like the physical adapter.