Firewall switch from Home to Public on its own

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My firewall settings changed from Home/Work to Public. I noticed that because Internet stopped working (Windows says Cant connect to Internet)

That happened on both of my computers at same time.

Interesting is that on another computer Internet was still OK, even with Ethernet setting on Public.

I solved issue with restarting Windows.

I have read that it is because Generic is set to OFF, and my IP is changed by my Internet provider as I don't have static IP.

Bitdefender sets Generic to OFF when it auto configures on install.

Should I change it on ON?

Am I right that this is the reason (IP change-is it possible that my provider changes IP address while computers are connected, I guess so)

After change to ON my settings will be


Ethernet Stealth Off, Generic On

Teredo Stealth Off, Generic On

Is that ok?


That another computer later also changed to public (another day) and Internet stopped working.

When that happened there is only Etehrnet adapter present, no Teredo which comes back after reboot (and all on Home again)


I just looked at Ehternet settings, there was only Ethernet, on Home settings, but no Teredo. Then after a minute Teredo show up.

But settins are ok.


If this is indeed problem because of Generic set to Off instead on On, could Bitdefender team make default on On?


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    I did some changes

    I set Ethernet to Home, Stealth ON, Generic ON

    I was curious If Internet would work, and it is working. I also created Homegruop between two computers we have, and it is working.

    If anything start to glitch with Internet connection I will return Stealth setting to OFF


    Teredo in Trusted, stealth off, generic on.

    Is this ok?

    Also, my first question is still on ;)


    Thank you!

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    something went wrong with my upload of Image here, and I dont see Edit button anymore, both in Edge and Chrome, so I cant do correction in post above. I am sorry.

    It is: TEREDO Trusted, stealth OFF, generic ON

    ETHERNET Home, Stealth ON, Generic ON


    I also set Allow remote desktop to Deny under general rules