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Total Security Subscription


Hi All,

Anyone else find BitDefender support tends to answer a question with something totally irrelevant to the question asked.

I have a 5 device subscription to Total Security which has in excess of 800 days left on it. I have installed BitDefender Mobile on my phone but it says only 313 days left.

please note I have BitDefender installed on 3 devices including the phone

I have checked the phone app and appear to be logged in as it is showing my name and email address and offering me an option to log out..

Central shows the correct days left on the installation on the other 2 devices but the lower number on the mobile.

I am totally lost and support are of little help.




  • Sorin G.



    Sorry to hear about your negative experience with our support team.

    Commercial issues are not to be discussed on the forum due to their nature and privacy requirements.

    I am confident that the Commercial team will provide a solution, as a personal input, there is the chance you are logged on the Mobile product with your Google account instead of Central. That would explain showing the same email address and name. Try to logout and login using the "Login through Central" option and see if that makes any difference.

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