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Exclusions not working


Does anyone know the steps to copy over a dll with Bitdefender 2017 --  this has to be the most frustrating piece of software ever  - add an exclusion here, change the antivuse setting, add a file type, hours just trying to copy over a dll that Bitdefender thinks is a virus

 a so simple thing to do -- copy over 1 small dll from the F drive to the C drive, and Bitdefender is making it a pain


Add exclusions to the antivirus settings, added both "files and folders" and List of extensions -  nothing

Disabled the antivrus module and nothing


-- the only luck I have had had is that I can copy over the .dll but Bitdefender changes if from 128KN to 0 KB  - yes, Bitdefender will copy over and allow the filename to be made, but will not allow the content to be copied over

-- so I go back remove all the exclusions, turn the antivirus back on, and the only thing I can do is to delete the   0KB dll that is now on the C drive

-- been at this for days -- and this is just ridiculous that this company would make something so easy so hard

-- and I know its Bitdefender doing this since I can remove Bitdefender, and copy over the DLL with no problem, run my program - and no I've used other antivirus software to check that this wasn't a virus

 -- reinstall Bitdefender -- then, oh my, Bitdefender had to go on and erase the DLL I had copied, and I have to repeat this bloody procedure










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    P.S. also is there a way to Hide file name extensions...another little feature of Bitdefender that we can't seem to turn off

  • steve808
    edited January 2017

    I've given up on this (ability to turn off protection and exclusions for all files) as well.  Hope they fix it someday.

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    Finally got this from somewhere and it did work

      1 - add an exclusion to the file in question, from the source directory

         -- install or copy the file over

        -- Bitdefender will think its a virus and quarantine it

        -- tell Bit to recover the file

    2 - make a second exclusion to the file , from the destination directory


    -- not mine, but they do seem to work




  • Sorin G.
    Sorin G.
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    You can disable the protection by going to Bitdefender > Protection > View Modules > Anti-Virus and disable the two security modules there afterwards you can move the file and add a exclusion for it without the product trying to remove it.

    I would advise disabling the Antimalware Scan Service as well as Windows will most likely attempt to block that file as well. You can find this option in Bitdefender > Settings > General.

    Please also submit the file to our labs using to white list it should it be a false positive.