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Antispam toolbar not working in Thunderbird



I've installed the trial version of Internet Security 2017 in order to test it out before buying. However, it seems that the anti spam functionality isn't working properly. It seems that the spam is correctly detected and tagged, but it's still delivered into my mailbox. 

The antispam toolbar in thunderbird appears to be active (I can click all the buttons), but doesn't seem to be working properly. Clicking the 'Is spam' or 'Isn't spam' buttons doesn't do anything. 

Any idea on how to fix this?



2017-02-25 10_44_23-Postvak IN - Local Folders - Mozilla Thunderbird.png


  • Sorin G.



    What type of account do you have ? POP3/IMAP/Exchange ?

    If you use the IsSpam button, does it move the flagged email ?

    Do you have the Anti-Spam folder created? Should be attached to the Trash with the name of Spam.

  • TimDG

    Hi Sorin,

    They're all POP3 accounts. The IsSpam button doesn't move the flagged email either (nor does it move a mail that wasn't flagged yet).

    There is no Anti-Spam folder created, but even if I create it manually, it doesn't work. Furthermore, I have Thunderbird setup to empty the trash folder when I exit, so the spam folder gets deleted every time. It doesn't make sense that I have to recreate it manually after every startup (for each of the accounts above)