Wallet for Android

I've been using Wallet for the past year or so and I would like to see the following features which would make it more competitive with the other password managers on the market:

  1. Wallet for Android

  2. Global synch of all passwords and password types including banking information.  The biggest challenge for me is that I may create a very secure password for my financial institution account on my desktop but then I don't have anyway to login from my mobile device without manually entering a very long and complex password.

I hope to see both of these soon because right now I'm planning to switch to a different password manager due to a lack of these two key features.  If I've somehow missed the Wallet for Android please advise so that I can download it!




  • Global sync is already in place. The Wallet on android would be a great addition. Or at least a way to look up the complex passwords one stores in the wallet.

  • I hope they can also apply the feature about finger scan-lock functions and also it is encrypted by encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption.

    Still hoping for the best to come. default_happy.png

  • Can i record transactions with 
    https://mobile-phone-tracker.org mobile recorder on Android? 

  • Did anything changed? Anyone heard about plans for Android wallet? It is really annoying that I cant sync passwords on all devices I use for work :/ I know that BD is not only pass manager, but this is really important feature. 

  • I agree with others that this would be a really useful thing to have.  It's not like I can log on to the website and get my passwords, although that might be useful as well, but only with dual-factor authentication.  I cannot bring my personal laptop with me to work, but I can bring my cell phone.

  • Hi,

    Global Sync with AES 256-bit encryption (i think it is AES 256-bit) is already included but for me are still 2 challenges,

    1-Android and iOS app. I'm switching to Dashlane or Lastpass only because they have Mobile device support

    2-Password Generator, Unfortunately there's no password generator in Bitdefender

    Bitdefender wallet is the best in the market in my opinion but unfortunately 2 of most importat features are missing Mobile device support and password generator, only because of these 2 lacks I'm switching to another password manager program. It's really sad to see Bitdefender's team puts so much work and support to create a Wallet but it lacks in most important parts.

  • Mr.Mustache
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    Hi again guys,

    I see Bitdefender browser extension has a password generator. It's better than not having it for sure but I wish it was included in app as well cause in some cases I want to generate a password, which is not a website and for that I must first open my browser and after generating I must switch to program again.