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Unknowingly made a payment?


Hi Bitdefender,

It;s come to my attention that I was billed for a sum of £53.95 which seems to be a renewal cost.

Usualy I recieve some notification to renew, but I wasn't aware that there was any kind of pre-approved payment. In fact as I recall, I purchased the license using a code from an Ebay seller, so I have no idea why this was pre approved, and would not have authorised it at this time.

It was not my intention to re-purchase this edition of Bitdefender, as I never used the wealth of features that it offered, or even for 3 computers that it covered. I was going to downgrade to perhaps just the internet version or something similar upon researching what I needed, so this was the last thing I expected.

I sent an email to the support email provided from the paypal payment to cancel this auto-renewal immediately, and asked to receive a refund for this product as I no longer want make use of it. I sent in a support ticket related to the issue with no reply as of yet since yesterday Ticket no. - 2017051512400001

Sun 14/05, 03:48


Dear ,

Thank you for your order on website. The order processing is done by Avangate, authorized reseller of Bitdefender to receive all on-line payments done by its customers/clients on its own website.

To finish the order, please login to your email account (the one you used to register the PayPal account) and follow the instructions you have received, in order to confirm your online order.

Only moments later... @ Sun 14/05, 03:48


Dear Dominic Szikla,

Thank you for renewing !

Your Bitdefender Bitdefender Total Security 2016 subscription associated with has been extended with 12 MONTHS, for 53.95 GBP and it will expire on May 15, 2018.

You also have a major 50% sale on the website which is extremely deceitful, considering I was billed for £53.95 during the same period. I received some email saying I would need to confirm this transaction, but there was no such thing, as I DID NOT authorize anything to support this payment.

I handle my finances carefuly and support a young family, the money that was taken is literally the money put aside for my food whilst I'm at work. I would never have authorised this right now, and the last thing I need is a suprise bill from my internet anti virus.

I can give more info if needed.

Eagerly await response,

Dominic Szikla


  • D.szikla


    My ticket was responded to.

    I understand that this is a common issue, but it was an extremely unexpected bill for myself. I was contacted by a member of staff that was very genuine and helpful. All my problems are now resolved and I'm completely satisfied with the outcome.

    Highly recomended customer services

  • Sorin G.



    In the future please use for commercial requests/issues/questions.

    The public forum is no place for them.

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