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Safepay Bookmark Edit - BD Antivirus+ 2017


It's easy to ADD bookmarks. However, once added, how does one DELETE or CHANGE their orders?

I read in some posts mentioning small "x" in the upper-right corner of the bookmark icon but can't seem to find it.


  • I'm also having this problem. The small "x" in the corner seems to relate to earlier versions and I note that there was a conclusion that it was not possible to delete bookmarks in the 2015 version. Has this still not been fixed or has it resurfaced in the 2017 version? Either way it's really annoying.

  • This picture is from the older version of safepay default_happy.png. Did you try to right click the bookmark or drag?


  • Yes, tried both of those but nothing doing, there is no right click menu at all and clicking to drag just opens the bookmark no matter how carefully I try. I also tried going to manage bookmarks in the settings menu and right clicking/dragging there - again no response at all.

  • Pielue
    VERY IRRITATING that there is no way to organize the bookmarks in SAFEPAY