Office 2016 blocked by Ransomware protection

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we have three individually sperated PCs with all the same problem. They all have Office 365 installed and the ransomware protection is blocking Excel etc from saving files.

My Office is Version 1707. Is this protection alarm valid? Is anybody else experiencing this?

Please respond.

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  • I have the same problem.
    To unlock apps, go to:
    Then the bottom right module
    SAFETY FILLES-> APPLICATION ACCESS, where to set access to these blocked applications

    I apologize for the faulty English language used

    Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF @3,50 GHz, 128.0 GB RAM

  • I'm pretty sure that I have the same problem. I can't save Word or Excel documents to the protected folders (e.g. my Documents folder), but I can save them to the unprotected ones (such as my hard drive root directory). The problem first only occured with Word and Excel. These two programs were also in the list of blockes programs in Bitdefender's ransomware protection center. I tried to create a new PowerPoint document and save it to a protected folder - not working. At the same time that I got the error message, another message popped up, saying that Bitdefender blocked PowerPoint from editing stuff inside my protected folder.

    I already removed Excel, Word and PowerPoint from the blocked programs and added them to the whitelist (trusted programs) instead, but it didn't help.

    Office Version: 1707

    If you have any news, please let us know

    Thank you

  • Okay, this is interesting. We are pretty sure now that this ties together with the latest O365 Update which seemed to have changed something about saving files. With an image and a virtual machine we could reliably pinpoint the occurence of the weird behaviour of BD when the Update to 1707 was pushed to our Office suites. It now seems to me that BD has to release an update which fixes this.

    /index.php?/profile/210424-simonschachenhofer/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="210424" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/210424-simonschachenhofer/" rel="">@simonschachenhofer Weird, for me whitelisting the affected programs works. I can now work just normal.

  • I have the same problem using Office 2016 with new or existing files on my desktop.  I'm reluctant to just white list the apps as a work around.  Would expect BD to fix this on their side and provide a patch.  Am I missing something?


     - Narib

  • I was advised to uninstall Bitdefender and re-install it. The version is now displayed at the top of the main window as 2018.

    Then, on the main protection window (selected via the shield on the left if not already there), select View Features > Safe Files > Application Access > Allow (for the applications that need access to protected folders such as the Windows Documents folder). The toggles can be set either to "Block" or "Allow". Required applications that have not yet attempted to write to a protected folder (and are therefore not yet listed in the Application Access window) can be added via "Add a new application to the list". I was not prepared to white-list applications in this way until advised in live chat with Bitdefender support.

    If white-listing doesn't work, then the uninstall/reinstall step may be required before attempting to allow access for applications. Not all applications seem to be blocked from writing to protected folders. Saving work from Windows Notepad and Windows Paint seemed to be unaffected.

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    The solution is below:

    Use the Reinstallation feature in the Control Panel (similar to the old repair).

    Control Panel> Applications and Features> Click BitDefender and select Uninstall, after which you will receive a Reinstall or Uninstall prompt. Make sure you choose Reinstall to implement the same build 118.

      The following issues have disappeared for me:
    - Blocking Office 365 programs

      Antispam Toolbar in Outlook 2016 is still inoperable.

    Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900KF @3,50 GHz, 128.0 GB RAM

  • Faced the same problem last week running Bitdefender2017 on Office2016 Windows10. Didn't know the cause, spent 2 days trying to solve... I didn't expect it to be caused by Bitdefender... I finally contacted BD support and they had me do the same as previously suggested... Installed Bitdefender 2018, whitelisted Office 2016... now it works fine and with ransomware protection still active... 

    HOWEVER i support /index.php?/profile/210456-nairb6017/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="210456" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/210456-nairb6017/" rel="">@Nairb6017's point... It's not cool to just white list the apps as a work around. If this happens to my dad and I were on vacations... he'll probably have to PAY someone to fix this (simple but very inconvenient) situation! And that's not cool... neither for me having lost 2 working days to solve this (I discarded everything before "blaming" Bitdefender)

    PS. People from Support chat behaved great, gave good and clear advice.

  • Did mine too, started with Media player. It wiped all the tracks from my very extensive list. Media player did reload them all but without my ratings (which I use to classify certain categories of tracks and without the play counts. If BD is going to have a glitch like this which they obviously know about, they should at least tell us so we don't waste ages panicking that we have picked up some infection.