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My activation was canceled



I'm writting here because I haven't got any reply from Bitdefender. I opened a litige on PayPal and then cancelled it right after I received an email saying that my account would be deleted but it was too late. I cancelled my litige before I could get refunded, and my subscription was cancelled as well. I sent many email with purchase proof and saying that Avangate did not refunded. I cancelled my litige on PayPal.

My litige was not really a litige, it's just that I did not receive any reply from the support team regarding my inquiries about exchanging my license with a lifetime one I was offered for 29,99€ on Bitdefender's website. If it was the same as my subscrption but for a lifetime I thought it would be interesting to upgrade using my actual payment... but I finally decided to cancel it after bitdefender sent me a warning email... I was too stupid to cancel my litige as they already deleted my subscription and without a refund I can't afford a new one. I'm just a student with a small salary...

I really hope I will be helped by the community regarding this issue as I don't want to lose my suncription and especially my money..

I can send you all my purchase proof in private if you need to make sure I did not get refunded.

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