Antispam no longer works in Outlook 2013 AND Bitdefender keeps asking me to log in everytime I open

I am posting this here too since this all started when I was using Total Securrity 2017(switching to 2018 made no difference)...


I am running Outlook 2013 and half the time I open Outlook, the Antispam buttons are GREYED OUT. If I shutdown Outlook and restart it, eventually it will open with the buttons active, HOWEVER it never blocks any incoming spam anymore. I can manually move things, but it never detects any on it's own.

Things I have tried...

Reregistering the antispam DLL

Deleting and reinstall the the anispam dll within Outlook

Uninstalling the reinstalling the entire program with the uninstall tool. What is weird here is I delete the addon from Outlook, the completely reinstall the program, Bitdefender will NOT install the antispam DLL with the install process. I have to do it manually.

Nothing seems to make the antispam work again.


Also, every time I open the Bitdefender interface, it first asks me to log in, even though I AM logged in already.


I really need to get this fixed or I will be moving on to something else.