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Bitdefender even blocked my ip address for my router!


I have been for the past couple of months finding pages slow to load especially for website I had not recently used.  I would find that I received a message  with page not working before eventually loading.  But when I couldn't get into on either chrome or IE11 there had to be a problem (using win 7.1 by the way).  I tried all anti-malware, eventually running combofix, for which I had to turn off bitdefender.  Hey presto I found access to my router worked!  Was it combofix (which reported no probs) or bit dfender?  A little experiment proved that it was bit defender that was the cause of the hassle.  I uninstalled Bit defender, and great no more page errors either.


Otherwise I liked bitdefender, but this issue makes it impossible to use.

page loading issues (1).jpg