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atc.sys within system.exe spiking cpu usage creating stuttering

edited October 2017 in General

I know there is a similar post on this, but my case is a little different. It does not seem to be the ignis.sys, instead, it is atc.sys causing the cpu usage within system.exe.

My CPU (and maybe disk) spikes to 99% usage for a few secounds every 5-10 minutes. The .exe process is "system".

Mouse stutters and if I'm playing a video game my framerate go down to around 5. I run a Ryzen 7 cpu.

The problem seems to go away when I disable  all functions in Bitdefender.

I opened a case with support where I was told to update to the 2018 version of BD. It seemed to have lessened the problem for a few hours, but now the problem is suddenly back at full.