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Problems with Youtube Videos being blocked.


I am a new Bitdefender user and am using the Total Security version on autopilot. Prior to installing Bitdefender I had no problems playing any Youtube videos. Now when I try to play any videos from the TV show "The Voice" the video will not display the video portion but will play the audio when I try to play one. I normally use Firefox but I tried it on both IE and Edge and the same thing happens. I tried white-listing Youtube and that did not resolve it. I have even tried turning off autopilot and disabling various features like the firewall and web protection and it still does it. My computer is an HP 15 Notebook with Windows 10 installed. Everything is up to date on it. I tried the same thing on my wife's computer which is also an HP but is an Envy model. Same Windows 10, and Bitdefender version. It is doing the same thing on hers too. Prior to installing Bitdefender on the computers we had Avast Internet Security and had no problems with any Youtube content playing. A couple of other observations is that I haven't found this issues so far with any other content except that uploaded by "The Voice" on their channel. Also, when it starts playing the audio with no video, if I reload the same page it will suddenly start playing the video and audio together like there was no problem. It definitely seems like something on Bitdefender's part blocking the Voice channels videos but I can't figure it out. I have submitted reports to both Bitdefender and Youtube. They are looking into it but I thought I'd see if anyone else here has any ideas.


  • Just played one video from "The Voice" without any problems (Firefox, Windows 10, BTS 2018). Could you send us a link for us to check?

  • Are you runnng AdBlock or another ad blocker?  YouTube recently made a change that if they try to show you an ad and it's blocked, the video you're trying to watch will only have audio.  If you run adblock, try pausing it before trying to view the video and see if that helps - it works for me.