Bitdefender round icon not showing on desktop

The circular icon that was constantly on the desktop has not been there the last 2 times. The tiny tray icon is there & says it's in autopilot mode. The BD Agent process is running, but I'm worried that the app isn't scanning & protecting. I just restarted 20 min ago, it still isn't there. Thanks.

- what Operating System; Windows 10 Home

- what architecture (32-bits / 64-bits); 64

- how much RAM; 12 GB installed, 3.7 used right now

- the processor; AMD A10-8700p RADEON R6, 10 COMPUTE CORES 1.80 GHZ


  • Hi... Make sure that the circular icon, aka the security widget, is turned on. In BD 2018 just go to settings (the gear icon) and you will find it there. Can't remember if this is exactly the same for 2017. It does, every now and then, turn itself off. Nothing to worry about I don't think.

  • That did the trick. Thanks.