File reputation?

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I'm considering picking up a yearly subsciprtion of BitDefender antivirus plus and so I've been wondering, I read up a bit regarding the global protective network and "Bitdefender Advanced Threat Control" and I have some questions regarding the file reputation feature (which as I understand, is present in the Antivirus Pro version).

1. It it even a file reputation feature? Anything like Avast's file reputation feature, or something completely different?

2. Is it a whitelist of sorts? Is it enabled by default? What are the odds of my own compiled files (none of them being malicious) being flagged and removed?

3. Does the file reputation feature trigger upon both download and execution? And if so, would a simple "Hello world" file be enough, because of its characteristics (new and unknown) to be flagged and removed?

Sorry for the amount of questions, I just haven't found any of this information in the official documentation or on the forums and so I'm kinda confused.


originally posted in another subforum, sadly did not receive any help there =(


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